How to write Conceptual Design ?

Hello All,

I have to write a conceptual design report inorder to get the fund to make my drone project.  But I have no idea how to write conceptual design. In the questions that I am reuired to answer, describing mission requirenments(they are already given) and transleting them into desing requirenments.

There are 2 missions given;

1)  The drone has to complete the area which have four 5m tall masts and it is supposed to draw zigzags between them. After passing a mast, The Drone must successfully change in direction and keep flying to the other mast in the most possible speed and stability.

[ Flight and maneuvering capabilities should be strong in my drone, and of course It should complete the parkor as soon as possible ]

2) The drone is supposed to take 4 payloads ( rigid objects with minimum 100 g mass in cubic (5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm) )  and transport them to four targets, leaving one cubic in each target area. The Drone must leave the cubics from the minimum height of 5,5m .

[ Abilities of The Drone in transporting payloads such as Firefighting or first aid equipment quickly and successfully to the target points will be tested so it should fly stable and drop the loads to the certain area, not outside of the area  ]

I've actually designed some mechanism to take the loads and drop them. But how can I write this to report. I am required to submit 20 - 60 pages. I am opened to any advice about anything in my project ? Can you please help me?

Thank you

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