Inexpensive setup for prototyping

 I had some time to search around and find the least expensive way for anyone to get involved with a CNC project of their own! And here's what I came up with!

IMG_20130302_155435.jpg?width=750  5 Axis CNC Break Out Board (BOB) from ebay!

IMG_20130302_155413.jpg?width=750EasyDriver V4.2 also from Ebay!


 Some NEMA 17 stepper motors for $15 each!

IMG_20130307_233726.jpg?width=750And a regular PC Power supply!

IMG_20130302_155345.jpg?width=750  1 X BOB $11.79

  3-5 X EasyDriver $8.99

  3-5 Nema 17 Bi-Polar Stepper Motors $8.30

 So for a basic 3-Axis Machine your looking at about $70 if you already have a PC Power Supply! The steppers I got are 68 oz/in but the one's I listed should be just fine as I cant take full advantage of the 68 oz/in at 12V anyway.

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  • Does anybody have experience with connecting 3 axis display to this board. Unforunatly for connect dispaly necessary is changing sequence dispaly wiring. I have standard cable but so sequence wiring is ok for TB6560 but not for this board.




  • This is great information! Thanks Monroe.  What size of a machine would these parts be suitable for?  Is this what you are using?  Can you recommend any sources for bearings, rods, drive parts, etc.   

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