I have been using kk2.1 boards upgraded with stevis 1.9 firmware.

The highest motor I have used is 800 kv with 30 amp simonk flashed firmware.

I have created new styles of power distribution boards for each one of the designs.

Each of the designs are created to make repairs and replacement of parts fast and easy.

As to my flying skills, I am still a novice.  I can make a circle, and some nose in.  but I am not a racer, or fpv flier by any means.  I would like to get my designs into the next level or as close as to being self leveling, fly to home, show telemetry, even have the transmitter speak it too you.  I saw this on a you tube and I think it is really cool to have your transmitter speak it too you like a navigator.  I would even like to partner up with someone to test my designs with.

Is what I am asking for possible?  Where do I start?

All of my designs are cut on a bandsaw, and cnc machine (third party) for now.  As I learn more about the electronics I can then design around this knowledge and produce some really cool looking drones that are made out of a material that is strong as carbon fiber and light as wood.


This is the indoor model


This is the 200 class I made recently could possibly hold all the necessary equipment.  Was designed around the mobius camera that is wired into a Fpv.


This is a 450 class 2 part design.  The top contains the fc,motors, and the receiver.  The bottom contains the power distribution board, the battery, the escs.


This is my flag ship and favorite model to fly. I lost sight of this and crashed it from 1,000 and all that broke was the one landing gear.  I did imagine I was flying it down though.

I think this design is bullet proof.

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