We are excited the announce the release of a major update to FlytOS, with new features, bug fixes and safety add-ons. As always, please update your drones on priority!

To download FlytOS, please visit: http://www.flytbase.com/flytos

For instructions on updating FlytOS, please visit: 


What's new in this update:

  • Added FlytPOD WiFi setup widget in FlytConsole to seamlessly switch WiFi modes.
  • Change to RC|POSCTL (Position Hold/Hover) on completion of takeoff and land.
  • Added websocket API for position_setpoint. 
  • Updated state machine manager to reflect takeoff, land and waypoint state instead of just auto.
  • Compulsory asynchronous takeoff and land, when commanded through REST API.
  • Added joystick webapp for better user experience.
  • Bug fixes of waypoint handling APIs.
  • Bug fixes of takeoff API.
  • Bug fixes of land API.
  • Bug fixes in FlytConsole - RC calibration.
  • Autosaving parameters on set.
  • Removed reboot requirement after sensor calibration, PPM/PWM mode shift.
  • Added support for PX4FLOW on external I2C bus.
  • Added safety switch feature.

Please continue to report bugs, make feature requests and provide feedback (including, your critical comments) via forums.flytbase.com or over email: admin@navstik.org.

We would love to hear from you!

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