[gesture control device] Progress

Dear all,

I have started working on a custom gesture control device, more specifically a glove, that will be able to control either a plane or a multirotor together as well as to switch between essential flight modes.
I have attached initial sketch of the system.

I will keep you informed,


Initial sketch.jpg

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  • Hi,

    as I wanted to test each part of the device separately, I have started with prototyping each circuit separately on the breadboard. 

    I have done that for both the flex sensors as well as the gyroscope - at the moment I prefer not to release the schematics nor the code of these circuits separately in order not to create any confusion; I will do it once I integrate it into one device.

    As you can seen on the attached screenshot, the output changes depending on the way flex sensors are bent; while intact, the normal value is around 87, but once they are bent, the value drops - obviously these are just sample values, but it demonstrates the principle. 

    In terms of attaching the sensors to the glove, I believe that Velcro would be the best option as this way the sensors can be easily replaced; to do that, I have bought a pair of equestrian gloves for summer as I do not want the hand to get sweaty during usage and hopefully I will be able to get Velcro from a store as soon as possible.


    Flex sensors circuit.JPG


  • It has been quite a long time, but finally all the parts have arrived, so let's start building the prototype!

    For this project I will be using Arduino Mega 2560 R3 microcontroller to process the signal from the glove; the signal will be then send to the UAV via the insides of FrSky Taranis.

    The user input will be collected via both flex sensors and a 9DOF IMU - I am still waiting for a cotton glove to sew these sensors into i.

    When it comes to building the protototype, at first I am using a breadboard to connect everything together without unnecessary soldering, but as the project continues everything will be soldered together. I have to say that I am not very happy about the quality of the jumper wires and I might do some custom wires using UTP cables (aka Ethernet cable).

    The diodes and the push buttons might be used to select different modes such as Return to Home, Stabilised and others.

    I have attached two pictures with all the parts. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!



  • Keep up the good work!

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