Hi folks, 

So I am also designing and building a gesture recognition and control 'glove' in conjunction to Filip which will be used to control a Parrot AR Drone. I've received the following components:

- Arduino

- Flex Sensors

- Glove

- GPS Module

- and some really over sized switches :P

I’m waiting on:

- The 9 DOF board

- The WiFi Shield

- Some breadboard equipment

I've performed some initial experimentation on the CN-06 Super Ublox component and had some very good results. The module itself is very small and connects easily to the arduino to produce some very accurate +/- 2m data for my position.

Hopefully with the integration of a better antenna and a mobile power source this GPS sensor will be even more useful for a GIS/Surveying application.

I'll post any developments soon :) 




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