[Gesture Control of a U.A.V] Current Status

Hi folks, 

So it's been a few weeks since I posted last and truth be told I feel like I've made some good progress on all fronts. The main aspects of this project were namely:

  • The fabrication of a gesture recognition device (seeing as our MYO Armbands failed to turn up)
    • Including the ability to detect finger positions
    • Including the integration of an IMU
    • Must be mobile/portable
  • The Programming of the Gesture recognition device to actually recognise gestures
  • The Integration of WiFi capability to the Arduino Mega
    • The configuration of a WiFi Shield(CC3000)
    • Making the board connect to the UAV(Parrot AR Drone)
    • Trying to comminucate commands to the UAV

The fabrication of the gesture recognition device, in my case a sensing glove, is complete and the programs which operate the smart components aboard such as the IMU and the Flex Sensors all work fine. I have also managed to write a simple subroutine that recognises natural gestures like the pointing of a finger, the clenching of a fist, and OK symbol etc.

The WiFi integration has also been relatively straightforward with the modification of existing libraries from Adafruit and a little intuition my part. The system can connect to the drone on it's communication and command ports and also read the data coming in from the glove regarding hand orientation and finger position.

The current challenge is to send the correct type of command format to the UAV to get it to do what I want it do. This is proving exceedingly difficult as the Parrot demands UDP connection at a 30ms refresh rate to operate in any real capacity. This is really pushing the limits of the arduino and the CC3000.

This may be down to my rudimentary coding skills however a deeper understanding of the protocols by which the UAV communicates may prove fruitful. By extension if anyone has any suggestions on how I can get my glove and the drone on speaking terms, I would greatly appreciate it :)



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  • My congratulations,

    Gesture Control Technology is well known technology adopted by manufacturers of game consoles, adopted in Surface Computing - by Microsoft and 5 more companies,  adopted in 3D video human controlled avatars, Second Life  ( more 3D Virtual Worlds projects),

    gesture controlled Opera web browser, to name just few.



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