• Hi Keith and Fillip,

    I am working on integrating the Myo as well (just ordered my Myo today). It would be great to collaborate on this!

    How are you thinking of connecting the computer to the RX tx? I've looked at Endurance-Rc and creating a homebrew Arduino solution, but the challenge seems to be syncing the transmitter to whatever system through the trainer port. Every brand seems to have its own syncing mechanism, and has to be reverse-engineered.

    All thoughts/ideas welcome.


    Endurance R/C - PCTx - PC to Transmitter Interface
    • Hi Ando,

      As yet we have not received the MYO SDK, so we decided to start with a SudoGlove, then once the MYO SDK arrives integrate that in the same way. You can see Filips progress here.

      Best Regards,


    • Hi Keith,

        Thalmic has released the SDK for Myo here. I've never developed OSX apps on Xcode or programmed in Objective-C before, so the learning curve for me is quite steep.

      Are you developing on a mac/windows/android?

    • Hi Ando,

      thanks for expressing your interest. 

      If Myo arrives anytime soon (although I am skeptical about this as they were saying they would start shipping developer versions in the first half of 2014 and they did - they started on July 31st, 2014), we will develop the software on Windows.

      I did not know that Thalmic Labs has released Myo SDK even though I signed up to receive any updates from them as a developer - very strange, they should improve the communication.

      Regarding the connection, it depends on the type of drone you would use:

      - if it has a Wi-Fi connection like Parrot AR Drone 2.0, you could use a Wi-Fi shield - ask Pratteek from this group thread as he is using this drone just like on theThalmic Labs video.

      - if you requires a RF transmitter, I suggest using this connection:
      Myo armband --> a Bluetooth serial board connected to Arduino --> RC Transmitter (we are using FrSky Taranis)

      Best regards,


    • Fillip,

      Thanks a lot for the helpful feedback. Can you give me more details on how you are interfacing an Arduino with the OpenTx of the FrSky Taranis? 

      Thalmic has released the SDK for only Mac and Windows.How are you interfacing the MYO directly with the arduino also? I dont see any specifications on the bluetooth packets.


    • Hi Ando,

      Please take the conversation up with Filip after reading his progress page, until the MYO SDK is in our hands we are not making any plans, as its now over 6 months since it was ordered, hence the plan B, to use a SudoGlove.



  • Another update from Thalmic Labs:
    I would like to confirm that we have started sending emails to MDK pre-order customers to confirm order details (address, credit card number, quantity, etc.).Myo Developer Kits will begin to ship at the end of this month and we expect to fulfill all orders within 6 weeks of the first shipment.Not everyone will receive an email. If you've recently updated your order information, we already have everything we need to ship you your device.

  • Final design of the Myo armband has been unveiled - Myo Developer Kit will be shipped out to the customers in July:

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