Are there any specific regulations about UAV flying I need to be aware of. Obviously common sense applies (no plans to fly over military installations, property or people). I was thinking of doing and autonomous flight around the Bourtzi and a very early morning one over or around the Castle. Is that asking for trouble? Is 433 Mhz or 915 Mhz control advisable.

Anyone got any good mission waypoints they have done?


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  • Hi Marc,

    Nice to meet you! To answer your question at the moment there are no specific UAV regulations in Greece. You can take a look at this article(warning: it's Greek). What it's basically saying is although there are no UAV regulations, all UAV flights have to adhere to the model aircraft directive.

    The main points-and those that are of interest to you- in the model aircraft law are the following:

    - Only visual line of sight flights- At least 50m away from humans, buildings, animals, etc.
    - 400ft max altitude
    - 3km away from airports
    - flights not allowed over or near archaeological sites(they don't define how near is near)
    - All flights must be insured(not aware of any insurance companies in Greece doing that atm)
    - no flights over or near residential areas

    Having said that, I 've seen people flying over residential areas but haven't heard of anyone getting into trouble because of that. I guess as long as you apply common sense you will be fine.

    Regarding the frequency I personally go for 433 Mhz, but I don't have any further information specific to that area or regulations.

    Hope that helps.


    • Thanks Dimitris.That is very helpful. All good info. I avoid always avoid people and property.

      I will probably use a long range 433 system then. I do not imagine the Venetian castle at Nafpion would qualify as an archaeological site, would it? Technically I may be able to see my multirotor but I plan on doing autonomous flights. I will likely be doing this early morning so I doubt anyone will really care.

      The biggest risk will be flying over 1KM over water to shoot the Bourtzi and not putting expensive equipment in the sea. That will be my last shoot, just in case....


    • Last time I was in Nauplio I remember that the signs for the castle had the characteristic colour that all archaeological sights have in Greece(light brown), so I would imagine it is one as well. However, I am not 100% sure so you are better off checking with some locals. (been to Nauplio 3-4 times in the past, never made it to castle. :-p)

      Yeah, flying over water for such a long distance is defo something to consider. If I were you, I would find an open area over land and fly the waypoints to see if the batteries can last. What setup are you using?

    • Rest assured that i will fly longer test missions many times before send anything 3k over water. Building something i can more easily travel with now. Custom Steadidrone 2014 QU4D i picked up used and am building  now. With a 6000mah battery it should do 20 plus minutes. Should be able to check current draw in hover in the next day or two.

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