Multicore FCU based on Parallela

Hello guys,

I am new in this forum but I have been flying multi copters for 2 years now and I was wondering if anybody had looked into using this wonderful board called the Parallela board. 

This would provide a very flexibly solution for a flight controller unit like:

  • redundancy: use say 3 cores for orientation 
  • reconfigurability: allocate cores to visual processing tasks, navigation tasks, trajectory optimization, mission planning etc.
  • energy efficiency: use only core you require

Is there something obviously flawned for using this board? The cost is not that expensive compared to other boards (well excluding inertial sensors), it runs linux on the main ARM core , there is a serial port for potential telemetry and I2C for the inertial sensor interface.

I do see a couple of issue for instance the main control loop cannot be implemented on the Linux OS (but please tell me if I am wrong!) and so will have to be ported on the Epiphany core (via their API), there will be then issues for relaying the I2C messages from the Linux OS to the bus unless there is a way to access the I2C directly from the FPGA.

One of the problems is that I am not familiar with any of the source code for the Ardupilot/Pixawk so there might be other problems I am not seeing.

Any feedback is welcome!


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