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Hi dear moderators, 

Recently I notice there are some " pure " advertising post from Skywalker / TopXgun ect. Where some of the post being deleted some make it to the blog post. I'm not really sure if this type of " blog " have a place here or we should delete it. 

As for the Skywalker, I saw their blog being deleted and a few day latter they post again with some minor modification, but still look 100% " advertisement " to me. It seems that they do " NOT " get the message or understand what their contents should look like. I think Rob's recent post is a good example for being " commercial / advertisment " but still provide good info for reader. 

Do we have a clear guild line for this kind of post ? 

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    Those two companies do seem to like the aggresive advertising via this site. They also post multiple targeted forum discussions with seemingly tenuous links to the subject matter. Top xgun have a few members here who reply to each other's posts in order to keep the promotion going. It certainly doesn't feel right, however as I'm relatively new to moderating here I would leave it to the more experienced team in the absence of specific guidelines.
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