• Baylands Park of Sunnyvale CA, located at the end of Lawrence Expressway @ 237 N. Quite a few people with all type of aircraft from 0-8 props, manned or unmanned, LOS or FPV fly and everyone seems welcome.  The most active morning is Sunday. There is marshland for miles around that provide opportunity to test out longer range FPV setups.  Gets a little windy in the afternoon because of the vast unobstructed plains and convection currents( I think). They have outlets at all the Bar-b-ques , and you can normally find one to use. It is $5 at the gate to get in if anyone is at the gate. I would reccomend buying a season pass for $20. Cash only.

  • I just discovered this group and look forward to joining in the fun and education.

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    I fly planes and quads and will almost certainly be out at Bayfront park next weekend.

    Here's a complete list of where folks fly:

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