APM 2.5

Dear All,

I bought an Apm 2.5 about a year ago.....when there were no cases with separate gps osd video and 3dr radios.

I really need help getting this all together!

Anyone in the Gauteng area done this before!

I live North of Pretoria but come thru to Jhb quite often.

I'm semi retired.






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  • Ashley, I live in Garsfontein, in Pretoria.  Though my kit is not exactly the same as yours, I have pretty much the same stuff and should be able to help you.  I will send my contact details to you.

  • 100KM

    Hi Ashley,

    I can give you a hand, but before you do any long driving to the West Rand - have a look at this diagram and see if it makes sense to you. It's for an APM2, but the 2.5 is similar. FWIF, the wiki has all the info required on how to get this together - but, yes, it could take some time reading through it all.


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