Clubs is SA (Jhb)


Is there a list perhaps somewhere for multicopter flying clubs?

Or do multicopters fall under normal RC flying clubs?  Reason I ask is it seems that the purists, i.e. Rc aircraft like planes, gliders and heli enthusiasts frown upon multicopters. This seems to be the case in the States regarding the AMA. Anyone know what the current situation is in SA?



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  • Hi Anton, where are you in Jo'burg.

    I'm out on the east rand. I do purely experimental craft (multi, rover, own design aircraft). Being frowned.....mffffppp....I'll score that one up to not understanding or the unwillingness to learn or change. There is a flight strip out across the Boksburg jail called the jailbirds. It is on a farmers land that is not usable for agriculture anymore due to acid mining water, but ideal for flying. It is a little remote and you might want to pack your 9mm or pepper spray, but kept in good nick. It is not bound by the model flying rules since it is not affiliated. The guys out there are pure enthusiasts. I took my big H-quad out for a spin on a quiet day and the only other chap around were helpful and enthusiastic about my kit. He was..I suppose...a purist with a big composite acro setup. Very nice kit, but had no attitude towards the battery powered weir flying kit. There are so few model enthusiast left that, IMHO, you should not even blink at idiots that consider themselves superior to others. We do this for the love, not to impress others. The philosophy at Jailbirds is exactly that - that's why they are not affiliated - they do it for the hobby, although the strip rules are strict and respect for other member and safety are founding pillars.

    Another area I have found some guys flying multi's is at the Benoni North sport grounds. On weekends when the grounds empty after the day sports, the hobbyists get in and fly their park flyers - multi's, combat wings and other smallish park flyers. I do not think that it is regulated or glub related, just friends having fun.

    I hope this helps,


    • Hi Antonie

      Yes, I am based in Kempton Park. I have heard about your strip.  I used to visit a heli club at the Benoni heli port, but they are very commercialized.  Haven't been there in years. Do I take the Snakeroad offramp or the next one? When do you fly there, keen to see your H frames.  I am just starting out on multicopters so i am looking at various builds and RC equipment.



    • Hi Anton, the best is to take the atlas road offramp from the N12. You go down about 10km. The jail on your right hand and the strip is on your left hand towards the tailings dam(mine dump). There is a little structure for shade, wind sock and a parking area. Well maintained by the grounds keeper - that is where the membership money go.


       26°16'45.16"S,  28°17'29.18"E

      Link :

      I don't have a regular flying schedule but we can setup a meet and go for a spin.


  • At my club, we are so few, we take turns to fly anything.

    That is why I fly all types !

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    I can't speak for the rest of the country but clubs around Durban don't mind. Its nothing like the USA here. Clubs will frown on anyone flying anything recklessly though.

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