Opto ESC , APM power Confusion

Hi Everyone

I'm busy building Hexa and need some advice on powering Opto Esc's and APM please.

YES I have read ALOT of how to's and frankly , I'm very confused at the moment.

ESC Opto : Currently my understanding , + - Go to main Battery 22.2V , Signal Wire goes to APM 

Because it's a Opto I need the Negative and Positive ( Thin Wires ) to ...????

I'm thinking Ubec that can handle 22.2V and output 5V to power the Opto's. ???

THUS taking Opto's + - thin wires to the Ubec ... ?

Some people talk about ground loops and that the Negative wires should also be connected the APM ??

If so do I still connect Negative onto the Ubec ??

I will have a Seperate UBec for the APM Power and not use the same one for the ESC's Opto's . correct ?

JP1 Removed , correct ?

I'm not using 3DR Power Module.

If some one can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated !

Thanks !!

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