• The APM is the benchmark, but with the modern code improvements, its getting a bit long in the tooth, I see the end for the APM coming in the not too distant future. The devs are most welcome to chime in and correct me on this point, but the memory and processing power are becoming a problem for the modern features and future requirements.

    Having aid that the APM is still a robust, proven platform, quite stable in its current form, and i will continue to use them for as long as I can.

    The Pixhawk is the same thing, but completely different ;-) in that it has more and better of everything. Memory, processing power and operating system have all been improved. So the theory is that it will be better in every regard, and by all accounts so far, it is.

    There are downsides, however.

    The PH is VERY new technology,  I forsee some teething problems in the beginning. Already there are people wo dont like the form factor, the connectors, ot some other arb thing about them. I can see a version 1.1 or 2  being released in the future, much like the APM 1,  APM 2.5, then APM 2.6 route as things are improved and refined even more. Personally thing Im goint to wait until either the APM cannot do what I ask of it, or the second iteration PH is released. Windows service pack and all that.

    in any Event, we are official 3DR distributors in SA, and as soon as the Rand/Dollar stops playing silly buggers , and 3DR fix their shipping rates, we will be placing our next order and be able to supply  the items you require.

    you can order via Clowns Hobbies, , or  the Drone Zone



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