What Telemetry ?

Hi Everyone !

Just maiden my 3DR Quad and now starting to look at next step.

Currently have XBEE 868mhz on it but this only give me 6 Min of receiving.(Thus no good)

So a Upgrade is needed ...Looking at this :-

3DR Radio Telemetry Kit - 433 Mhz

HOWEVER , not sure if it would work ...this frequency as I understand it is typically used by security devices (Gates , Car Alarms etc ...) So maybe not a good choice ...?

And the 900 Mhz one is being used by Cellphone providers ...

How do you do Telemetry that works ?


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  • Hi guys, I just want to know how big a difference a clover leaf antenna will make to distance.

    I just got a set, one has three leafs and the other has four leafs.

    I assume the three leafed ons goes on my TX and the four leafed one goes on my RX ?

  • Hi With,

    Congratulations on the Maiden! You must be very excited

    A friend and I have been using the 3DR 433mhz telemetry here in South Africa since their release earlier in the year without fault. We have even connected them from our respective houses which are 1.8km apart and performed a firmware update at this range (albeit a VERY slow one). In addition our houses are not in what one would call line of sight!!!

    Hope this helps...

    Good luck with the progress and future builds - happy flying!

  • That kit is excellent and is what I use.  If you play around with the data rates and output power you can get quite far, though I have never reached it's max range with the settings I use now.

    I'll have a look at the ranges that I get, but it's easily over 1km (I fly a plane though, not a quad)

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