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  • To the concern of the SACAA...I applied for a FUA (Flexible use of airspace) till December and was given it.  In January I will re apply for  further test flights when the new RPAS UAV is finished. This will be my last uav before I moving back to Balloons ans rocket flying. Look at my facebook page under siaspretorius for the new uav photo under construction. Look specific at the jet pipe cut outs. I just finished the last wing tip laser cut outs a few minutes ago. Now it is just to glue all together and by then the motor and avionics might be finished. Greetings


  • mmm there are a few of us that fly either in alberton or close to midrand... i fly APM, Storm some of the others fly CC3D ...mostly fpv - proximity and long range

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    Some of us fly there, will be tomorrow if it's not too windy, others are all over the country.

  • where do u guys fly in northcliff? At the cricket grounds?

  • Mornin all, I am very new to this and would love where to begin. Are there any clubs in Gauteng I can visit to get a feel for this.
    Do not have any experience what so ever and would love to get involved,

    Thank you
  • Hi RhinoUAV

    Did you came right with your antenna stories.

    To every one....my new website is active and operational at siaspretorius.wix.com/hansia-aerospace

    Go and have a look. Will start very soon to put my photo`s up of my RPAS system. The UAV is progressing slowly but getting there...

  • Hi Petrus,

    Yeah a few of us here in Alberton are also interrested in the get together. Please drop me a mail on 127754@gmail.com



  • Hi Petrus


    2 studente van Potch wat graag sou wou bywoon as die datums pas...




  • Hi everyone,


    Is anyone in the Gauteng and Limpopo or any other area interested in a UAV "fly-in" where we can share information and expertise and enjoy the company of likeminded people? I have an area available for such an event in the Naboomspruit area with accommodation for 120 persons(so you can bring the wife and kids who can play, fish, cycle, gamedrive etc while you are flying) @ approximately R 100.00 per person per night.

    If shown enough interest we can decide on the specific dates over a weekend and I can start the flying field registration process with SAMAA (just to be on the safe side).

    Preview -24.510169° 28.552832°

  • New development on my web site in the ultimate design of stratosphere flyer. Go and look at fireriskdesigns.wozaonline.co.za

    I am also on linked in and referralKey.com 

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X-UAV Talons

Hi, we have received a shipment of X-UAV Talons with wing extensions in Pretoria for anyone who is interested in a professional UAV platform capable of carrying a SLR Camera.Please contact me at cvanvollenstee@cfaktor.com 

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250 Quad with Pixfalcon autotune help

Hi,I converted my ZMR250 from a Naze 32 to a Pixfalcon. I got everything setup and vibrations looks fine.I then did a auto-tune on the Roll axis and would like to know if it is normal for a small quad or should I be concerned with the low values.Stabilize Roll = 4,873756Roll P = 0,03859347Roll I = 0,03859347Roll D = 0,001254361Imax = 0,444Filt = 20,000Firmware Ver. 3.4.6I did try to auto-tune the Pitch axes as well. But the quad just fell out of the air close to the end of the cycle because of…

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Report a non trustable drone manufactor

Alert - Scam Airborne Drones Do not do business with this company - Airbone Drones, 37 Koeberg Rd, Cape Town, 7405, South Africa - www.airbornedrones.coI was robbed because after paying full, only part of the items I bought, where delivered. Even the drone I received does not meet the specifications (see quotation attached), and is useless.My complaints always generate a lot of of excuses and promises, clearly with no intention of solving the problem. Only to postpone it.Mr. John James Geber…

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