PhoneDrone Testing

I am beginning tests on the PhoneDrone (still waiting to receive my DroneCell, so I'll go with what I have here).

I've connected the PhoneDrone to the APM1's Telemetry port on the top of the IMU. With a simple arduino sketch, I can read the data from the APM, forward it to the other serial port and over USB to Mission Planner or Qgroundcontrol.

So basically:

APM  -->  PhoneDrone --> USB --> Mission Planner

That is important, because it puts the phonedrone in the middle. 

Next step is:

APM --> PhoneDrone --> Android Phone --> Internet --> Mission Planner

I'll upload a diagram, but the sketch is super simple and is attached below...


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  • Do you have any sort of manual or shall I say steps to setup this wireless telemetry with drone cell
  • Developer

    Got ADB working  on the PhoneDrone. This means you can also use it with older Android phones, including those before 2.3.4 that do not support ADK. This opens the PhoneDrone to a LOT more phones.

    I've successfully connected to my phone (Moto Triumph running CM7) and pulled a logcat (kinda like the phone's syslog). That means I have bi-directional data with the phone. 

    I'm starting on an Android app to push this to a selected IP address and port where the GCS will be running.

  • Developer

    I was able to install ADK on the PhoneDrone, but ADK needs kernel 2.6.35 and Android OS 2.3.4 and above, which only the newer phones have.

    So, I'm now also trying to get ADB working on the phonedrone. ADB is the Android Debug Bridge and among other functions it allows you to open a bi-directional port over USB. The nice thing about ADB is that it works on almost every Android phone out there and does not require rooting or jailbreaking.

    I'll update if I make any progress. 

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