Pi for recovering lost model...

I post this suggestion here as this group is perfectly poised to take this up if not already implemeted somewhere:

Many here use Raspberry Pi + 3/4G to achieve long distance telemetry +- FPV. These same members are the ones most likely to loose their models beyond LOS....

Would it be possible here for someone to write a program for the the Pi that could do the following:

> Parse the MAVLINK passing through the UART ports for GPS data

> Perform some basic processing to reduce the number of coordinates collected

    - Perhaps one coord for every 5 seconds of flight

    - Or coordinate for every 5m of travel

> Send collected coords to some location accessible by the pilot

    - Email every few seconds

    - SQL server (accessibly by simple mobile app)

I have now twice had to call friends to search the side of a mountain....

(I do now have a GPS tracker in the post but given all the info and hardware necessary is already in plance........)

Thanks :)

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