A Newbie Question

Hello there,

Have waited a long time to finally dive into DIY drone construction, but after a few years I wanted to jump into something that I love, but have only experienced through other people.

I'm willing to spend sometime and money to do this right, buying parts instead of one ready to go kit; but of course I would like advice.

I don't want to get into something too involved too early, as I think caution and going slow to get to grips is probably the best way with these things.

Found this website: http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/arducopter/ - is this a good source? If any of you have any documents about the various parts that can go into a drone, legal or just anything that may give some extra information that would be really helpful!

Looking to create something of a medium size, with a degree of 'AI' (eg auto-hover and waypoints) and the ability to either hold a camera or preferably contain a small camera.

Please tell me if I'm being too ambitious for a newbie,

Thank you!

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