Anybody in the Milton Keynes area...

Hi all, 

Is anybody in or around the Milton Keynes area interested in meeting up?  I am currently running a large aluminium based Hex based around APM2.0 but am in the process of designing and manufacturing a carbon fibre hexacopter frame with 1m diameter which will be ready for flight testing early in the New Year.  Working on extended duration through efficiency of motors and lightness of frame!

I look forward to hearing from you all,


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  • Hi Lee,

    Know this is a few months old, but if you're still interested in meeting up, I fly a X550 APM2.5 quad, although am quite a newb to the RC world so I might be asking a few questions!

    I'm pretty close to Buckingham, would be good to meet someone with the same hobby.


  • Hi Lee,


    I’m in the middle of building a FPV UAV from an old nitro heli using APM2.5. All being well, I should be up and running in the next few weeks.


    I'm from Bedfordshire. Would be interesting to meet sometime to discuss our flying projects.


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    Hi Lee,

    Sounds like fun, I like checking out new projects but it`s a bit of a trek for me being the other side of London :(

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