Arducopter vs wind

My quadcopter is set with standard speed parimeters. In Stabilise the quad moves exactly how I want it and at the right speed. In Auto it goes OK but fights the wind (as little as 15mph winds) and almost comes to a hover. Do I increase the mps in the config ? or is there another parimeter to adjust ?

  I Use 880kv motors and 12x3.8SF props, the total weight being 1.5kgs. When there is no wind it hammers along.

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    Hi Patrick, I hope you are well and still learning the APM? I haven`t flown the APM for a while now as I am using DJI WKM but I have two APM 2.5 one I have been using in a plane, but still need to build a quad or something to remind me of the arducopter.. As I remember you need to adjust an I parameter to fight the wind, but without being able to plug into an APM with arducopter loaded on and look at the PID`s I cannot be certain of which one? but I would assume it to be in the same box as the m/s setting?  I promise to get back on top of things with the APM soon :)

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