Hello guys,

long story short, if I remove the TX pin from minimOSD it does not update the values on the screen, everything is 0 only the mode changes ACRO, STAB, ALTH .. or whatever mode I swich from my 9x. If I arm the APM i also see volts of lipo, but not the curent Amps or any other values (I have a AttoPilot 90A sensor)

Do you guys have the TX wire connected or not to minim OSD ?

PS.1. I have tried different firmwares, the curent official one has a bug with the charset, but other firmwares that work ok (with the TX wire connected) act the same if i remove the TX wire.

PS.2. One of my 3DR radios is not working anymore, it worked one day (connected to FTDY cable) but now when I connect it no LED lit up, I'm still waiting for a reply from 3DR, I made them a movie measuring the voltages and amp draw.

Thank you.

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