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I'm presently flying a F550 with NAZA V2 & GPS.  There have been a spate of strange crashes from all DJI fc's recently.  I've been lurking around the ArduCopter sites for a while and I'm thinking this might be a good time to switch.  Anyone done this?  I'm thinking its just a matter of replacing the NAZA & GPS with a 2.6 & GPS using the same motors/ESC's etc, or is it more complicated?

Any advice/comments welcome


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  • Just got to the same point, ime building a fixed wing at the moment and have almost got my head around the A.P.M.  set-up.

    It makes sense to bin the Naza due to its limitations. However i think i will sell the Naza  and start from scratch ,that way i get to pick each component, (think Apple think Naza).The Naza is fun but A.P.M. offers so much more.

    Regards John.

  • Hi,

    Lots of better qualified than me on this site to comment, however. I have done exactly what you suggest and apart from the software learning curve, which to be fair is not very steep all else was easy. You need to accept that their are a lot more variables that you may or may not need to tweak, in the Mission Planner that is the GUI used to monitor and set up the system,  in my case the defaults seem to work OK. I have a slight problem with drift in Loiter mode and a tendency for the Hex, I should have mentioned that I am flying a Hex , to have trim problems, not severe, in Stabilise mode. My rig is 6 x 30 amp HK ESC'c, 6 x RC Timer 2212 930Kv motors, Large 3 S Lipo probably ott at 8000 mah . GPS via RCTimer CRUIS CN-06. Fly's OK a little ponderous but that suits my flying style . I have not as yet tested RTL or flown an autominious mission but in Stabilise mode not with standing the slight problem with trim and in Height hold its fine. Cut the long story a little shorter  GO FOR IT!

    Happy Landings.





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