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Repurposing Ardupilot Board

It seems as though there have been a few people asking about how they can access the raw sensor information being generated by the IMU's on the Ardupilot boards. Is there a good reason as to why that hasn't been addressed or am I just missing somethi

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GPS Multipath Error

We have been running into an issue quite often when flying at certain altitudes and 'near' structures. We are doing autonomous waypoint navigation and all of a sudden the GPS position jumps anywhere from several feet up to a few hundred feet. Obvious

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Magnetometer Shielding

I am sure that some of you have experienced the same issue that we have. We are flying a rather heavy hexacopter configuration which pulls a substantial amount of current just to hover. Due to the proximity of the power distribution board and the mag

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Real-Time Processing of .tlog Files

I haven't seen much success with this so I will throw this out there again and see if it goes anywhere. I am building a UAV to fly a search grid and autonomously detect people using various image recognition algorithms. I need to be able to extract G

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Ducted Fan Design: Is It Worth It?


A few of us are wanting to make our own ducted fans out of either carbon fiber or kevlar. We want to make them modular and easily installable on the currently manucatured quad or hex frames sold by DIYDrones. This is a very preliminary shot at it. Th

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