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Open Source Drone Remote ID



With the arrival of the new European regulations, certain equipments will become mandatory. This results in France by the need to equip drones with a Wifi module which sends the position of the drone through the air (like a transponder)

In order to allow as many people as possible to have access to this device, Pierre Kancir (ardupilot developper), supported by Airbot Systems , have produced software, enabling this device to be DIY manufactured at low cost.

All files are open source, under the GPL license. They contain the sources, the software part allowing to make the drone wifi beacon, a software allowing to make a drone detection system based on wifi frames, an example of code ready to be installed on a basic module sold on common commercial platforms for approx 35 Euros, and also 3D files to print a protection box by yourself. We hope it can helps others, regarding the regulation of their countries

The files are available for download on Pierre's Github: and also on  Airbot Systems website:

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Study case : Drones against forest fire

Here is an example of how professional drones can help firefighters during forest fires. Airbot was engaged to provide a bird's eye view and crucial informations on burning surfaces and fire travel. The drone is one of the best tool for providing this kind of data and help the operations officer in his decisions and organization of ground resources.

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Airbot Systems Mini carrier board combo


We are happy to introduce our new PCB boards, dedicated to the use of the famous Pixhawk autopilot : the Cube!

The Mini carrier board now comes with a Mini PDB 180A, that would help to keep the drone assembly as clean and compact as possible. You can find more details on the user manual (bottom of product page)…/mini-carrier-board-pdb-co…/

The combo is also available on IR-Lock shop for U.S people

Thanks for your support !


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Drone power distribution board


Hello Everyone, Above is a picture of a power distribution board we madeIt can be used with the major part of autopilots like : Pixhawks, APMs, DJI and has holes for Pixhawk2.1 mount.
All the specifications are on the PDB page :

Feel free to contact if you have any question, if you want one or if you want to add it to your web store ;-)
Thanks !

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