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The System is out there quite a while, and im curious why there is no discussion about it on the Forums.

It seems like nobody noticed the advantages of the DragonLink V3. 

Looks like it solves the range problems of a conventional Radio Control as well as the issues of the 3DR telemetry radios for long range.

And for a two in one system the price gets a lot more attractive compared to a seperate LR-System and 3DR telemetry radios and improved antennas. Im not even sure if its possible to get out to 40km with the 3DR radios.

To be honest i anticipated a little hype about this system when i read its description. 

Am i missing something important?  How about the latency?

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Pixhawk vibration dampener.


I want to show you my Pixhawk vibration dampener that im currently using. 

I used the 65g Dampeners from Hobbyking. The bottom plate is 1,5mm gfk and the dampened Controller plate is 0,8mm carbon that i had laying around.

The holes in the bottom plate are slightly offset to the side to keep some tension on the Controller.

So far it works really well.

3689647602?profile=originalif anyone´s interested i can upload the dxf files of the two plates.

and if anyone is curious about the home of this pixhawk here are two pictures. :)


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