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Airbus Group and Local Motors invite you to be a design hero and contribute to save lives.

Following the launch of its first joint pilot project for the co-creation of the next generation of commercial drones, Airbus Group and Local Motors have officially kicked off the 'Cargo drone challenge', an open competition to identify and design a premium drone solution to transport quickly urgent medical supplies to people and places that are traditionally difficult to reach. 

The starting design of this competition would be Airbus Quadcruiser’s hybrid concept, combining the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) and hovering capabilities of the well-known quad-copter design with the speed and cruise efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft by using an additional pusher motor.

The top selected projects will then be reviewed before potentially becoming part of an industrial program. Attractive incentives will be awarded along with many opportunities for the top winners.

To learn more about the challenge, required drone features and possible business cases, visit The Challenge Website 

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