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Xplane to MP functionality

Finally got Xplane installed and working semi with Mission Planner. I do get tx input, param and fine tuning writing capabilities, and start/ stop of simulation from the MP to Xplane, however, I am not getting feedback from Xplane to Mission Planner.

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APM Logs

Good evening,

My last test with my Penguin (2.74b) was a complete failure. Or maybe I failed IT (still learning the ropes). Anyhow, when I switched from Manual to Auto to fly my written course, the AP cut throttle in half and went a completely differe

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Frustrated Newbie

Hello all,

This is my first post on DIYDrones and I'm at a point of complete frustration and at a loss with setting up my APM 2.6. I've been researching and digging through posts on here and for programming and getting this thing up and

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