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3DR U-Blox GPS

Wer weis schon näheres über das U-BLOX GPS das von 3DR jetzt

dann raus kommen soll?

Im Beta Test Video von Arducopter 2.6ß hat es Marco ja schon verbaut.




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APM2 and Turnigy plush 30A ESC


im using the turnigy plush 30A ESC's with APM2 and the ROXXY 2827/35 motor (14 pole - 760kv)

Wich settings need the turnigy plush?

Brake - no

Battery - Ni-XX (its safer?)

start mode - normal? or soft? or very soft?

timing - low? or middle? or high?


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ArduPilot Mega 2.0 and Remzibi OSD 3DR


i have two questions.

Works the ArduPilot Mega 2.0 and Remzibi OSD 3DR together without any special

firmwares? Can i use the latest standard firmware of each?

I cant find any assembling instructions of the  Remzibi OSD 3DR... can you help me?


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