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Well we are part way through out project on an autonomous quadrotor platform.


The first two videos are of the first flights. The third is the first crash (*sigh*).


Flight 1:

I am piloting this one and making sure it works before trying anything too extreme.


Flight 2:

Bryan is flying this one and he is testing out the performance of the ArduCopter


Crash 1:

I was piloting this one, and something just failed, cause is still unknown.



We managed to have a nice sunny day to fly the quads in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.


The next step is to have it taking off and landing autonomously using the gps and pressure sensors. After that, get wifi-data.


We shall keep you posted!!



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Quadcopter V4.0


Well after the near great success of our 3rd year university, self made quadcopter based on the Adrucopter design, it is now time to start thinking about our 4th year university project!!


We were recently given our high level objectives for our newest endeavor. To make a simple quad system architecture (one quad and one computer) and implement this system to perform practical maneuvers (object tracking/following, sense and avoid, etc) with multiple quads (at least 2, possibly more).


The project will be completed by 4 Queensland University of Technology Students finishing up their BA of Eng in Aerospace Avionics. We'll be working closely with ARCAA (Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation) and utilizing a lot of their facilities for the project.


The boys are excited about this project and we're (possibly a little over) confident that we're going to see some fantastic results.


We intend to keep you guys out there in DIY Drones Land updated on our progress and possible source inspiration and guidance.


Keep on drone-ing!!





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