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APM2s Possibly Bricked

Hey all, so I have a pair of APM2s that aren't working and I can't figure out why or how to fix them. I'll call them Alpha and Beta.

Alpha will seemingly function when connected to a battery: lights flash, GPS locks, RTF light comes on, etc.  However,

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Fitting a microhard on the Bixler

So I'm currently trying to fit a microhard n920 onto a Bixler, and unfortunately I don't see a way to do this without also having the dev board (doesn't look like they have a small breakout board I can wire up to).  I've managed to get it to fit into

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Sniffing Mavlink packets

Hey all, I'm doing work with testing various radios for telemetry, and I was wondering if anyone had done work with sniffing and collecting the Mavlink packets for 3DR, XBee, microhard, Xtend, etc.  I'm interested in being able to just look at the ra

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