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err: crash check 1


yesterday my hexacopter crashed due to a complete motorstop from about 50 m.

I was flying sideways holding the stick full way to the left in POSHOLD when it happened. After the crash the lights on pixhawk where still on. The logfile says err: cpu 1

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MKBLCTRL support still discontinued????


I am successfully flying a pixhawk with MKBLCTRL ESCs. Unfortunately Version 3.3x did not support them anymore so that I am stuck with Version 3.21 which has a lot of issues.

I have asked before but never got an answer. I try again.

Does anybody kno

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RCMAP issue


I am new to this forum but not to multirotors.

Since version 3.2 there seems to be a problem with the RCMAP-function.

I am using Graupner mx-20 Hott which has different channels than the Mission Planers wants.

I used to adjust that with RCMAP and

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