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In September 2015 Geoscan engineers together with Saint Petersburg State University glaciologists finished the second part of expedition devoted to the researches of Potanin and Alexandra glaciers of Tavan Bogd mountain range in Mongolia. Researches were held with the support of Russian Foundation for Basic Researches and Khovd State University of Mongolia.

Read the full story and view Tavan Bogd 3D model on GeoScan site:

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Mexico from UAV

Three new demo datasets from Mexico are available to view in Sputnik GIS.


Three areas in Sinaloa, Mexico where captured with GeoScan drones during demonstration flights:

  • Topolobampo
  • Maviri Beach
  • El Fuerte

To view datasets please download latest Sputnik and go to Download -> Import menu.

Sputnik is a new GIS viewer for UAV-made 3D landscapes.

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