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Suggestions for a good motor sponsor?


Almost ready for product launch. 2 yrs of R&D to get to this point, so my fellow DIY Dronerz, You get the sneek peek before it is to be released:) This is the "Lowdown 420mm" from myself and staff at Models By Design USA. We designed around the 2830 bl motor @850kv= testing it worked very well with plenty of power.The 3s 2200 fits perfect.       The Lowdown will come with a  700 tvl Sony color cam, 500mw 5.8ghz tx, Prop balance (by the way every thing about this aircraft is vibration isolation and elimination)... more features  like military hard air tight case (No Folding Chair bags)?. Sensitive electronics and gyros on a $500 aircraft in a Sack?  7" color monitor and the best part=...OPEN SOURCE controller much more as options. Only thing lacking is some landing gear, motors and pre launch feed back as customers opinion/ service is #1 Priority.

So couple concerns are what type/brand of power plant would you like to see if any? Because of start up cost, my options are almost none and the few sets I do have don't match the Quality of the full carbon fiber air frame- even the boom mount are carbon fiber, maybe we should just build to order? I like that option very much as the costumer could have exactly what they want, but then again, "the wait don't fly with most people." So please let me have it...We need your help and want to offer a great product with even better service.

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