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Most of photo mapping online services and several softwares as Photoscan use Self-Calibration method for modelling internal geometry of cameras. While this approach is simple and practical, don´t provides the best results because the low convergence and redundancy of a tipical aerial survey.

Atachhed to this blog there is an example of a full field calibration of a Sony Nex 7 with a Sigma 30mm F2.8 (tipical setup in Bramor UAV). Thanks to the large calibration field, sharp pictures were taken with the same focus setup that used when flying (The focussing ring is blocked in Bramor).  If you are lucky enough of own this camera/lens maybe you can try this calibration certificate. All right, for sure, your camera will be slightly different to this, but I dare say that this modelling will be more accurate than that obtained by self-calibration.


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