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Use Google Elevation for 'Verify Height'

I was planning a mission in an area which either has no SRTM elevation data or bad (i.e. all elevations are 0m) data. When attempting to use the 'verify height' option while creating waypoints, everything is referenced to the missing/bad SRTM data. L

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Broken PDB? - Voltage on Signal Pins

After several flights with my new hexa, I've run into a problem. Motor number 3 does not spin when the others do. Long story short, I narrowed it down to something with the PDB. If I plug motor 3 directly into the APM it works fine, but if it's attac

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A Curious Demise

3690964697?profile=originalAfter waiting for the weather to clear up, I managed to get the quad out for an altitude test. To make a long story short, everything was going quite well up to a couple hundred meters or so. At that point I figured it might be time to descend so as

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5.8 GHz and 433 MHz Interference

In my attempts to throw together a somewhat long range system for my plane, I've run into a few issues. 

First, the equipment in question is a 500mW 5.8 GHz video tx, and a 433 Mhz RC rx. I'm aware that components like this need to be separated to avo

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