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Bonne année (Happy New year) IRIS+ light painting


  "Bonne année" is "Happy new year" in French.

We took the IRIS+ out for some light painting, everything went pretty well. We did a first mission at 40 meters (130 feet) that was too close, second try 100 meters (330 feet) was fine and every letter fit in the frame.

The picture was taken by a Canon Rebel T5i on a tripod, bulb mode, aperture 5.6, ISO 200, 4 minutes exposure.

IRIS+ and DroidPlanner really make this kind of automated flight a breeze to plan and fly.

The mission was created with Droid Planner 2, hand drawn, 70 spline waypoints, WP_NAV_SPEED : 4m/s, flight time : 4 minutes.


That would be nice to have a mass/batch edit feature in Droid Planner to change the altitude of all waypoints at the same time for example.

Does anyone know how to insert a WP in the middle of a mission with Droid Planner ?

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