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MP "auto-zoom" feature

In the current mission planner I prepared a survey of a very small area. Soon as I had Home set and the mission was cleared, all the clicks and operations reset the zoom level to something the computer thinks handy. The map data was more detailed tho

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Camera trigger/shutter on APM 2.6


Just tried to configure my shutter. I'm using an opto-isolator with CHDK functionality. The idea is that I should be able to pull a pin high for a specified number of ms, configure a CHDK script to measure the time that it's raised and then tak

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EEPROM use and airstart

Hi there,

I'm reviewing the code whilst finishing off on the last details on the APM (voltage monitor, xbee connection, etc.) .  I noticed that the APM makes rather heavy use of the eeprom also in flight.

From what I gather, the eeprom is written to a

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