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As the UK government declares the extensive flooding of the Somerset Levels as a major incident, calling in the assistance of the army and red cross to reach some of the marooned villages, a local company, Horizon:51, take to the skies to survey the damage. These incredible photos, taken using their new H:51 SkyPix H6 copter fitted with a Sony Nex camera, show the extent of the damage.

Up to 30 square miles, across the Somerset Levels are under as much as 10 feet of water and have been for several weeks, turning what was a flooding incident into an ongoing humanitarian effort. Locally based Horizon:51 know the turmoil the flooding has caused to the area and have offered their services as part of the ongoing management of the situation by the relevant authorities.


An aerial presence is vital for ongoing management of the situation and many others like it. With the development of the UAS market, drones represent an extremely cost effective way to achieve this aerial presence so vital to such a widespread incident. The presence of an aerial drone allows for not only much more efficient damage identification, but is also a vital asset in identifying cut off homes and impassable roads in such a rural area such as the Somerset Levels. A big thanks to Horizon:51.

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