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How does the Ardupilot servo control work?

Hello everyone!

Currently I'm working on a project that will attempt to use additional control surfaces to induce stresses in the wings of an aircraft that some of my colleagues are developing.  At the moment I'm using an Arduino Nano as a prototype -

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APM Planner Crash/Freeze in Terminal/CLI

I've been having this problem for a while:

Often (but not always), when I connect APM Planner to the APM board via a USB cable and click on "Terminal" to check logs or whatever, when I press enter three times to get into CLI mode, it causes APM Planne

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Writing code for running in simulation

I've written some code for ardupilot recently, and before I try it on my aircraft (and potentially crash it), I was hoping to run it in the simulation using X-Plane.  I enabled the HIL_MODE_ATTITUDE in the APM code and got the simulation running fine

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Custom flight modes


I'm relatively new to Arduino and Ardupilot, but my background is in electrical engineering, so C++ is not entirely new to me.  I'm currently working on a small UAV project and I need some help.  I posted in the Arduplane forums, but so far no

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Modifying Fly By Wire B for Custom Function

Hi All,

Currently I don't use the FBW B mode on my aircraft, and I wanted to modify it for a custom function.  Specifically, I want to make a doublet command, so that when I throw the switch into FBW B, it will do a quick succession of predetermined c

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