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Anti whaling activists using UAV to track whaling fleet


Just found this in the news:

The Sea Shepherd ship, Steve Irwin, deployed a drone to successfully locate and photograph the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru on December 24th.


Would be interesting to get more information about the system they use... (Range endurance etc.)

Especially the recovery on the small helicopter deck could be challenging.

Merry Christmas to all !!


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Deciphering bird flight, scientific way

There was a lot or rumor about the Festo Smartbird in the last weeks. They actually built a nice bird, mainly by simulating and trial and error (see the movie posted lately Video).

Now scientist go to the roots, letting an owl fly through a bunch of cameras measuring the movement.

Freiflug_Schleiereule_320.jpg"It's not as though we are going to apply these results to an A380 – its flight characteristics bear no resemblance to those of an owl. But the research results can be applied to smaller, unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs,"

Here is the full article: The secret of efficient bird flight


It will probably take some time till they get results (also depending on the owls :-), but good to see there is progress!



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