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UGCS for DJI v. 2.9 questions

I saw on my Android device this morning that there was an update to the app, and it mentioned being able to store the missions on the Android device and fly in the field without a laptop - that's a great development! I have a couple other questions,

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Version 2.8 Latest update features


I'm reading over the release notes for versions 2.7 and 2.8 and want to make sure I'm understanding what features have been added.

1. Does this allow adaptive banked turns for the Inspire 1? (I don't think this worked in the past.) If so, that shou

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Dropped frames in Photogrammetry

I've been doing more testing lately, specifically for an issue I've noticed with the camera not firing consistently in photogrammetry mode with my Inspire 1 Pro and 25mm lens. I created a simple route with one leg up and back, then ran that in the si

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Exposure Defaults

I'm testing the new Android app, and the exposure controls are working nicely. In the past, I wasn't able to get the exposure compensation to be anything other than -2. Thanks for the update!

If I could add a request, though. When I make changes to th

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Edit Waypoint File

Is there a way to go back into the interface where I create Auto WP Survey (grid) and modify an existing waypoint file? For example, if I have created a WP file where the speed is 3M per second, and I changed the Angle (deg) to something other than t

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