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Want to Fly UAV - Come to Oklahoma


 Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin announced a strategic plan for the state's unmanned aerial vehicle industry - A Strategic Plan for the Development of an Unmanned Aerial Systems Enterprise in the State of Oklahoma

From their home page - "USA-OK is a state chapter of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). USA-OK members represent Oklahoma industry, academia, and government. The USA-OK was created in February 2009 in order to promote the emerging unmanned systezms industry in Oklahoma. Read More"

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How to learn ArduPilot Settings

The best way to learn how to change the PID and other settings in ArduPilot is with a simulator.  I've made a quick video to show how to setup Ardupilot with Mission Planner and X-Plane.  When you get this working you can change the PID and other setting real time and learn what they do.  Then change plans in the simulator and setup ArduPilot for that plane.  When your get ArduPilot fiying a 767, send me your .params file.  ENJOY

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OHM = Oklahoma + (Hacker + Maker) * Space

3689417679?profile=originalA new home for hackers and makers in Oklahoma City.


The space has been cleaned and the walls have been painted. Soon the doors will open on a new makers space. OHM Space is an Oklahoma nonprofit corporation that seeks to create a safe, entertaining space in Oklahoma City where everyone can learn, create and share. OHM supports the Hacker, Maker and Local Art communities, which include just about anyone who likes to create and modify things in ways.


It’s at 1700 W. Main St Oklahoma City, OK 73106. We’re calling it “Beta Space”. We have 5,000 sqft at the moment and should have another 5,000 sqft soon, for a grand total of 10,000 sqft of pure potential!


We’d like to give you a chance to become a co-founder. By paying for a full year of membership now, you’ll be guaranteed to have 24/7 access to an amazing community, voting rights, a neat certificate, access to a free parts wall and the honor of being an “OHM Space Founding Member”.

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3689404780?profile=originalI attended the first annual UAV airshow and was happy I did.  I learned OSU aerospace design team has been winning the AIAA contest for so many years, they dropped out this year to start their own contest.  They divided the students into two groups, the Black and the Orange. The goal was to fly as fast as possible from point to point and around pylons.


Photos Here.


This event was truly impressive. These small plains reached over 180mph. They where hand made of carbon fiber with off the shelf electronic components. I spoke to several of the students and they where more than happy to describe each step of the process. Besides the contest there where also flybys for vintage planes and some great models as well.


With over 700 attendees this first year I'm guessing next year there will be even more contestants and spectators in years to come.

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Oklahoma UAV Airshow

First Annual

UAV Invitational Airshow and Speedfest

Saturday April 30, 2011 (Rain Date, Saturday May 14, 2011)  Open to the public

Hosted By:  Oklahoma State University, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
                       University Multispectral Laboratories
                       NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium
                       Stillwater RC Fliers


Flight Events:
  • Pylon race and top-speed contest between OSU Aerospace Design teams
    • OSU Aerospace Design Teams will design, build, and compete with composite aircraft optimized for both speed in a closed pylon course, and top straight-line speed.
    • Airplanes are expected to achieve top speeds in excess of 150 mph
  • 40% Electric Extra flight demonstration.  Pilot:  Dan Bierly
  • Helicopter Aerobatic flight demonstration.  Pilot:  Ryan Witchey
  • Giant Scale Warbird flight demonstration.  Pilot: Jim Ellis
  • Turbine aircraft flight demonstration  Pilot: Dave Kester
  • Turbine aircraft flight demonstration  Pilot: Don Perry
  • Fly-By-Video Flight demonstration  Pilot Paul Reinman
  • BASSETT OSU Research UAV flight
  • Long-Endurance UAV Pterosoar demonstration flight
  • Autopilot auto-land demonstration
  • Open flight times for invitational pilots

Static Displays:
  • UML Military Tigershark UAV
  • Dragonfly record breaking electric UAV
  • OSU Research UAVs

  • Under development.  Expect changes.  Tentatively: gates open at 9AM, Flight Demonstrations, and competition run from 10-2.  Competition and open invitational flying continue until 5pm.  Gates close at 6pm.
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