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Propeller DCM code

Well here it is, the first DCM propeller code (that I have seen).  This is based on the wealth of work put forth by Bill Premerlani and others on the Ardupilot/matrix pilot side.  I must admit that this is the first enormous coding project that I hav

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Fuel measurement

Has anyone had any luck measuring fuel flow or fuel volume in a glow fuel powered aircraft?

I was contemplating using a differential pressure sensor to calculate the mass flow rate between the tank and the needle valve, but I have a hunch that the ove

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Magnetometer math

Hello all,
I am trying to use a magnetometer as a reference vector for yaw drift cancellation in the direction cosine matrix. 

Ok, so here's the nuts and bolts.  If I measure a three axis magnetic vector in the aircraft frame of reference, the directi

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