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Reimer Robotics Autonomous Tractor

Hey DIY Drones here is a video highlighting my work over the last year.  I've decided to try and start a company automating tractors.  This is the first video highlighting my work.  

I'll be showing it an agricultural trade show that starts tomorrow, but wanted to post it here first as this is where I got my start.  If you have seen some of the earlier videos I posted this one has quite a few new shots I was saving so you will get a great overall picture of how it works in the field.  If you aren't familiar with it I am essentially using a pixhawk in the tractor and some custom GCS software in the combine.  Here is a link to the thread I started, and if you want to keep up most of the changes and code are now on github ; I am extremely grateful for this community and the open source hardware and software. I am getting the chance to present at this trade show (Ag Days the focus of the talk will be inspiring other people to try this with a heavy emphasis on why open source is awesome!

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