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Early Flights of the MAXrotor

I posted this way down in the comments of my other recent post about the MAXboard, but I thought I'd share it here where more people would get a chance to see it. You'll notice that I refer to it as the "Bomb Squad Helicopter" in the video, that's because it was originally designed for them, but once I got it together I realized that maybe it was good enough to share!

I'm trying to kickstart this thing, so if you're interested in supporting me, please head over to the kickstarter page. To those that have backed it already, thank you!

There's way more info on the kickstarter page as well, so if you have questions, you might want to look there first or check out this thread on the MAXboard.

Thanks everyone! -Michael

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The End of Wiring Woes

3689531742?profile=originalHi everyone! I am finally ready to show off something I've been working on for months! It's a motherboard (which I am calling the MAXboard) that all the various electronics for a multirotor aircraft plug into. It eliminates pretty much any possible wiring mistakes, and all soldering. It makes it much easier to build, repair, and upgrade your aircraft.

This is an open source project, and am I running a Kickstarter campain to get some funds to continue development. I am also really hoping to get the support of the DIY Drones community to help me test it and work out bugs.

There is also a frame I designed to go with it as well as a ground station I think you'll like. I'll post more information on those, as well as some videos, soon.

For more info, or to help support the project, please take a look at my Kickstarter. Thanks! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1703258614/maxrotor-open-source-plug-and-play-modular-quadcop

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Hi Everybody! It's me again. I am glad you enjoyed the Flying Ghost I made for Halloween. We decided to do another video for Thanksgiving. This is our remote control, flying, quadcopter turkey. It flies, it drops pies. Pretty much all you could ask for. (I tried to up the production values on this one as well.)

I really hope you guys find it entertaining! Thanks!

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