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Hydraulic Quad


  Well, I got to thinking about the Variable Pitch quad problem. I don't really have time to work on a project like this right now but I thought I'd throw this out there in case someone else was interested. A small hydraulic motor and pump could be u

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USB connection dropping packets

I'm very puzzled about this problem. I can load code. The hud works fine. Everything works except radio calibration. I see the dropped packets and the slow connect speed. I wonder what could be interfering with the connection. Very strange and frustr

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Calibrating ESC's

   I'm about to finish my first Arducoper! :) But, I'm having trouble getting the ESC's to calibrate properly. I'm using a 9x (stock at the moment) and it seems to be all good.

  I get the beeps at intervals with the ESC control disconnected and I get

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9x and FrSky

Ok, I guess it's time I propose to the group about my interest in these two great componets and the Ardupilot. For a long time now I've been waiting for this to come to furation and it appears that it might, so I asking you guy's what you think about

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ESC's What's the rub about them?

  I've noticed some discussions that mention about the speed in hertz of the ESC and it having something to do with the ability of the quad to control it's attitude. Can someone explain to me about this? I noticed another thread about some custom mad

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