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DIY Micro FPV Quad


I put together an Instructable for a micro FPV quad I designed and built recently, and thought it might be of interest to readers here. I think micros are gaining more popularity, as components are getting smaller. Micros have a number of advantages, I believe, among them being greater scale durability.

But, with this model, I just like how neat and compact the whole thing is. I can just chuck it in the car and don't have to worry about folding arms or putting in a protective case. It's just as stable and responsive as any larger quad I've flown, so is enjoyable to fly FPV.

There are some really nice, professional looking designs coming out, all CAD-ed out, but I did this one old-school, on paper. The nice thing is that it's an easy build. Only took me a day. But the end result is very usable, and enjoyable.

Anyway, here's the link to the Instructable:

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